Redeeming Dysfunction: How God Uses Family Pain for Good

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Editors note: This post is written by Carol Wright who counsels for Biblical Counseling Center.  In this series, we are featuring articles written by the women of the Biblical Counseling Center, talking about how God has shaped them for their ministry of biblical counseling.  Carol shares her story of redemption and how trusting Christ wove a “God Story” into her life. Childhood: … Read More

5 Reasons the Resurrection Brings Hope

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RESURRECTION: As Easter Sunday approaches, have you wondered about the resurrection of Jesus Christ? How does the resurrection bring you hope? This article by counselor Lucy Ann Moll, a doctoral student in biblical counseling, appeared first at her website and is used with permission. Hope is something God knows all of us needs. Aren’t we in a world of hurt? … Read More

Grace and Truth: How to Find the Balance

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grace and truth

Grace and truth: Jesus personifies these two essential qualities of the Christian life and shows us how to life them out in balance. This article by Donna Hart, PhD, appeared first here at her website and is used with permission. We often hear that the Christian life is all about becoming like Jesus. But what does it look like to … Read More