A plan for better discipleship

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A pastor at one of our Launch partnership churches, Michael Wallenmeyer, recently shared a quote he picked up at a conference, “If the disciples we are making, aren’t making disciples, are we making disciple of Jesus?” This mission is at the core of why we train churches to biblically counsel, or as we often call it “intensified, personalized discipleship.” Does … Read More

Four Disadvantages of Outsourcing Counseling

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In my seminary’s counseling class, professors challenged the pastoral training class to find a good counselor or psychologist and outsource the vast majority of their counseling once they became pastors. The professors explained that the risks, frustrations, and relational pitfalls of counseling people would far outweigh the benefits that a pastor devoted to counseling might see. For many in the class, … Read More

Moving Your Church in the Right Direction with Biblical Counseling

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This post has a free resource at the bottom about the “5 Mistakes Churches Make When Starting a Counseling Ministry“.  The first two posts in this series asserted that: Biblical Counseling is an opportunity to shepherd the church well Churches should embrace equipping counselors in the local church to care for the body in creative and unique ways I don’t … Read More