Cutting: Why You Do It, How to Stop

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Cutting is a form of self-harm that, at its core, is rebellion against God. There’s hope: Jesus. Cutters are rescued in God’s kingdom! This article by pastor Pastor Deepak Reju appeared first here on Biblical Counseling Coalition’s website and is used with permission. Sally sat across from me and uttered it for the ten thousandth time, “I hate myself.” Though … Read More

How to Stop Self Injury

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frustration and self injury

What is self injury? Why would anyone do it? How do you stop? Editor’s Note: This article first appeared at Lucy Ann Moll’s blog. Lucy is a staff counselor at Biblical Counseling Center. You may go to the original article. If you or someone you know has purposely hurt herself, she has self-injured. Most people avoid pain, people who intentionally … Read More