Too Busy for Counseling?

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Too Busy for Counseling

Our lifestyles are often so busy that we don’t know if we can fit one more thing into our schedules. Many people believe they would benefit from counseling, but they struggle with concerns over the time commitment. Do you feel like you’re too busy for counseling?

As internet speeds and video communication options have increased, online counseling via video has become an increasingly popular option that makes counseling easier and more accessible, no matter your situation.

Here are some examples of individuals I’m currently counseling online:

  • Lauren is a busy mom raising three preschool-aged children.  Video counseling lets her get the help she needs, without the burden of paying a babysitter, and makes it easier on her nursing infant’s schedule.
  • Pamela is a busy, working single mom in another country where Biblical counseling isn’t readily available.  Her English isn’t great, but she is learning, and video counseling lets her record and rewatch her sessions so she can run them through a translation app and understand even better the encouragement she’s receiving. 
  • Steve and Audrey needed marriage counseling, but Steve travels frequently for work.  Video counseling enabled them to stream into three-way video calling and never miss a session.
  • Morgan has a physical disability that makes travel difficult.  Video counseling enables her to have to get out of the house for one less appointment each week, making it the only one that’s not stressful for her. 

Online video counseling helps those who want…

Extra Privacy – For some, going into a counseling office is a cause for fear and anxiety.  Others don’t wish loved ones to know they are seeking help.  With video counseling, they can feel there is a greater degree of anonymity, as well as freedom to cry, express anger, or even lie down if they need to in an emotional session.

Better Use of Time –  I have counselees who do counseling on their lunch break, during their children’s naptime, after kids have gone to bed, or after a busy work or school day.  It prevents a drive to and from yet another place for those who feel constantly on-the-go.  One mom schedules her sessions while her son is at his sports practice- it’s too far a drive to go home, so she is stuck there, and counseling is one of the ways she utilizes the time for her benefit.

More Flexibility – At-home moms can do counseling while little ones nurse, nap, or play nearby. People who travel never have to miss an appointment. Those who struggle to leave their homes due to physical disability, emotional stress, or lack of transportation can do counseling from the comfort of home. Online video counseling fits well into almost everyone’s life.


I’m not sure that anyone really is too busy for counseling. If they truly are that busy, then they could probably use some counseling to help them make time for rest.

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