Our Most Important Thoughts

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Our view of God is the most important thing about us. The thoughts we think about God are the foundation of our Christian lives. If we do not have a good foundation, we will not have a solid relationship with God. Some believers have a faulty view of God. These views can develop in the relationships we have had with our … Read More

It’s Good to Grieve

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Death causes us to be angry because it comes into our world like an unexpected slap in the face. As one researcher said, “Death is a social disease, like V.D. It is not polite, not well-mannered.”[1] King Solomon concurred: “No man has authority to restrain the wind…or authority over the day of death” (Ecclesiastes 8:8). When death enters our social circles or … Read More

Pursuing Peace in My Disciplines

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Cultivating peace is not just a choice to “be still in the Lord,” hoping it will suddenly fall upon us. Experiencing peace is learned as Philippians 4:11 teaches us: “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.” Experiencing peace is directly proportional to how strongly we are committed to the choices that will produce peace in us. The peace of God is not beyond comprehension; if we are not connected to the source of peace, we will fail to experience peace.

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

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Are we keeping score of how well we are doing? Do we strive to keep ourselves on task whether it is managing a business, our family’s lives, or our own? Do we want to motivate, influence, and be people others want to follow? When it comes to evaluating our success, do we often fall into the trap of thinking that we must be … Read More

Build Up or Tear Down

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None of us look forward to the experience of criticism. Criticism can tear us down, and over time it can cause us to think we are unlikeable failures. Feedback is received well when someone says they think we are doing good in one area but see where we could improve.

Changing to Be More Like Christ

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Some days the world seems to want to squeeze us all into the same mold.  Do we find ourselves eager to be like everyone else and use the right toothpaste, wear the right clothes, drive the right cars, have the same perspectives on success, and the same desires?  Do we fear to be different?  Are we so afraid of rejection … Read More

How Humility Leads to Contentment

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We wrestle in our souls to be content.  Our minds race out of control.  The anxiety of the task list alone can control and steal our sense of peace.  It can seem as if we are running in fear and, in reality, no one is chasing.  We long for deeper communion with God, to hear His voice more clearly, but … Read More

Three Precious Words: “You Are Mine”

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Simple truths have a significant impact on how we do life; especially, when it gets difficult.  “God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription; “The Lord knows those who are his…” (2 Timothy 3:19a) NLT.  We are His.  He knows Us. When it gets down to life-and-death issues, to whom do you entrust your life?  God in His … Read More