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Nearly 60 people gathered on Saturday, July 14th to grow in their ability to have conversations that encourage and comfort the hurting in their church and community.  Over the past 29 years, BCC has helped churches all over the United States and internationally grasp how the practicality of God’s word can meet people in their darkest moments of need.  Our Contemporary Issues course has served churches, but needed an update (we first filmed it before there was an iPhone)

Dr. Tim Allchin, Dr. Donna Hart, Brandon Lowery, and Doug McDaniel covered issues like:

  • PTSD
  • Bi-Polar
  • OCD
  • Walking the Mental Illness
  • Using a Life Story tool for counseling


Each of these topics will help our partner churches and students bring hope to the hurting that God brings their way.

Future Filming

We have one day of filming coming up so watch your email for a 2nd date of filming that will happen in September.  During this training, we will be address topics like:

  • Helping those who are suicidal
  • People struggling with sexual identity
  • ADHD
  • Others struggling to make life decisions.


Release Date

We anticipate releasing this new course for churches in October and to students in our online school as well.  If you are currently a student in Contemporary Issues or enrolled in our Lay Counseling Certificate, you will be given access to the these new materials as well.

Thank you  - Filming a quality curriculum like Contemporary Issues is costly and requires an investment from the friends of BCC to make this happen.  We recoup a small part of the cost through our training but can never recoup it all.  Thank you to those of you who have given to make the ministry of BCC possible.  Your generosity is not unnoticed and we are thankful for your faithful partnership with BCC.  Your gifts make a difference!

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