Biblical Counseling Training in Ethiopia

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Dr. Ron Allchin just returned from teaching Biblical counseling at Evangelical Theological College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during the first two weeks of July. This was his 19th year to teach at the college during their “Rainy Season Session” where he has taught BCC’s training courses over the years to hundreds of ETC students and to many others in area churches.

This year’s “Foundations of Biblical Counseling” class was thirty-three Ethiopian pastors, ministry leaders and lay leaders from various evangelical denominations. ETC has used the courses developed by BCC as the curriculum for biblical counseling to fulfill the degree requirements in counseling. Every evening for two weeks from 5:30 to 8:30 PM the class was taught with a combination of PowerPoint guided lectures, various reading assignments and case study discussions, along with quizzes and a final exam.

In a third world country like Ethiopia, where income is small, people in the churches depend on church leaders trained in biblical counseling to meet the needs of people in the congregation. These people could never afford counseling if it were not available through the church. Over the years thousands of persons have been trained by BCC and the impact on the churches of the country cannot be measured, as those trained by BCC have in turn trained others. Pastors have shepherded flocks more effectively because of the training they received at ETC.

It's important to remind ourselves what God is doing in other countries across the world.  There are hurting people everywhere, and God's Word brings hope and healing regardless of the place they live or the language they speak.

Continue to pray for Ethiopia and our other International Training Opportunities (ITOs). Thank you for your financial help that makes this all possible. Dr. Allchin’s next ITO training will be at Delhi Bible Institute in New Delhi and at Life Theological Seminary in Bhubaneswar, India, during the first two weeks of September.


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4 Comments on “Biblical Counseling Training in Ethiopia”

  1. This is so providential! I am currently teaching a 4 part curriculum on biblical counseling through OIC in both Addis and Harer!
    Maybe we should connect and see how we can work together and maybe more fruitfully?

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  3. I do remember the time I had with Dr Ron at ETC . Dr Ron’s teaching inspired me to establish a counseling ministry in my church, Geja Kale Hiwot. The ministry has been performing remarkable task in helping believers who have different kinds of life problems. I wish I would have continued learning under Ron again. May God continue blessing the ministry of Dr Ron.

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