Do You Ignore Your Spiritual Caller ID?

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Isn’t caller ID among the best phone features ever invented?

When I get a call, I simply check my phone display and see who it is who wants to talk to me. I’m pretty much a “chatty Cathy” and will talk to almost anyone except when I don’t want to be interrupted. That’s why I love caller ID: I can decide whether to answer or let the call go to voice mail.

Taking Other Calls

I’ve noticed that some Christians seem to ignore the spiritual “caller ID” – also known as the Bible – and take every other call.

For example, work “calls,” and this isn’t a big deal unless you establish “workaholic” lifestyle, making work an idol. Another “call” is the latest fashion. I see immodestly dressed teens coming in to worship God on Sunday, and sometimes all they accomplish is causing others to stumble. Some teens know exactly what skinny jeans do to a guy. Some are ignorant or naïve. Either way, they put their fashionable looks before others’ feelings.

Just Hang Up

When you and I answer worldly calls – even the ones that seem good, like serving on a ministry team or volunteering at your kid’s school — the result can be an isolated, confused, selfish life. As we become cold to God, we slowly but surely stop answering God’s call. At best we politely ask Him to leave a message and get back to Him at our earliest convenience.

God won’t stop calling. He loves you too much to quit on you especially when you hurt. He’s calling to remind you to walk worthy of the calling to which you’ve been called. Listen:

“I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,” Eph. 4:1, ESV.

The Lord wants you and me to stop living for self and reprioritize our lives according to His purposes that bring true happiness.

Let’s hang up worldly calls that distract us from the most important Person. Let’s also read, study, and meditate on biblical truth shared in the Bible. And let’s forge a new habit: paying attention to God’s caller ID.

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