Father, Your Son Needs You (part 1)

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Father, welcome to a special four-part series!

Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min., founder and former executive director of BCC, wrote Growing in Wisdom: A Bible Study in Proverbs for Fathers and Sons. This excerpt reveals his insights and compassion for dads and young people.

You may purchase Dr. Allchin’s book in two formats: Kindle and paperback (8.5 by 11-inch workbook). Income from book sales benefit BCC’s work in counseling the hurting, training leaders, and developing new resources. The book makes a great gift.


During my forty-plus years as a pastor and biblical counselor, I’ve observed the digression of our youth culture. Drugs, teenage pregnancy, alcohol, rebellion toward authority, evil companionship, and all human evil among teens have a common root. This common root is the rejection of wisdom because they did not choose to fear the LORD.

Dads want teen boys to grow in wisdom and become quality sons.

But how? I know of few resources available to help teens become quality sons and Christian servants that God and their parents desire them to be. The reason I wrote this book (formerly titled Ripening Sonship) is to fill this void. I also wanted to provide a resource that helps sons grow in wisdom.

Proverbs: The Textbook for Wisdom

The book of Proverbs in our textbook for wisdom. Proverbs was written from the perspective of a father counseling his son. For this reason, the chapters have the viewpoint of a dad speaking to and counseling his son concerning practical, successful, every day, godly living.

This interaction is important. Did you know two separate studies stated that the average American dad spends seven to eleven minutes of meaningful conversation with each of his children each week?

But what if a son’s father is not available to participate in Growing in Wisdom? A father surrogate — a grandfather, a male youth leader, a friend’s father, or a mom — may fill the “father” role.

Growing in Wisdom is designed to not only lead the son into a godly meaningful life and to strengthen the father in his spiritual life, but also to maintain and build deeper and more meaningful relationships between fathers and their sons. Remember, Dad, you’re a son too!

Why not get a copy of Growing in Wisdom for the dad in your life today? It makes a wonderful Father’s Day gift as well as an outstanding book for personal or small group study. Click here for Kindle and here for paperback.

About Dr. Allchin

Dr. Ron Allchin is the Founder of BCC (1989) and holds his Doctorate of Ministries in Biblical Counseling from Westminster Seminary. He also is a Fellow and Board member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (formerly NANC).

He and his wife Sherry enjoy traveling to various mission locations and have had the opportunity to teach counseling in many foreign countries. They have three married adult children and seven grandchildren. 

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