Must We Argue Again?

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“Must we argue again?” Many women say they don’t want to keep arguing with their spouse or child. Yet they continue arguing! So must you argue? The answer: no. But it almost seems the mouth goes on auto-pilot. Yet God’s Word is clear that the words of our mouth really come from the heart (Luke 6:45). When we argue, what seems most … Read More

The Best Parenting Style!

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parenting style

It seems every few years a new parenting style is “in”—but there has ever only been one best parenting style: God’s parenting style. God says “Be the parent” to moms and dads of younger children. As children become teens and young adults, Biblical instruction follows His design for their maturity. Nurture & Admonition in Balance God tells parents to provide … Read More

Free Download Friday!

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free Download Friday

It’s free download Friday! Please stop by every Friday and get your free download. Our download library has hundreds! Marriage, parenting, fear, depression, priorities, sanctification — you name it. 🙂 Do you want to understand your identity in Christ? Used by counselors at Biblical Counseling Center, this download reinforces counselee’s biblical identity in Christ and gives hope. It is the fifth … Read More

Free Download Friday

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free Download Friday

Friends, welcome to our Free Download Friday! We make these resources available to biblical counselors, ministry leaders, and to counselees (former, current, or future) for your good and God’s glory. Today’s download is our Change Model Diagram. Click here to download the “Change Model Diagram”. It visually shows you how a person with a problem — in other words, everyone — … Read More

Basics Every Counselor Needs

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counseling for women

Every counselor — every Christian! — needs the basics on how to come alongside the hurting. While most women are nurturers by nature, wives of pastors, seminarians, and ministry leaders are often led to the role of counselor. This is what happened to Sherry Allchin, whose husband founded Biblical Counseling Center in 1989, a nonprofit counseling center strong in the … Read More

Marriage & Family PREVIEW!

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It is time to help Marriage and Family thrive! Don’t you agree? Biblical Counseling Center is excited to give you a sneak peek of our new Marriage and Family course. It’s for anyone — counselors, ministry leaders, and anyone interested in helping marriages and families succeed. Register now while you’re thinking about it. The course will be live-streamed ONLINE on … Read More

Spanking Kids

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spanking kids

Spanking kids — do people do that anymore, especially in today’s politically correct culture? (This is the second post in a series on disciplining children. Read the first post.) CNN Living’s article “Is It Okay to Spank?” reported in 2011 that most parents spank though “a distinguished list of experts has denounced spanking as ineffective, even dangerous.” The Spanking Kids … Read More

Encouraging Real Change

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You want to encourage real change in your counselee.  Your counselee or friend says she wants to change. And she talks and talks and talks about her struggle. Her follow-through on assignments—say, reading several Bible passages and jotting insights—is poor at best. So how does a biblical counselor encourage a counselee to commit to change? Knowing Versus Believing A place … Read More