Is Suicide a Brain Issue or a Heart Issue?

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What I am writing about might be hard for some to read. Suicide is never an easy topic, especially if someone close to you has died by suicide. However, I am convinced that we need more and better conversations about suicide prevention, not less. This requires us all, and especially those of Christian faith, to think critically about the ways that we … Read More

A P.L.A.N. to Engage a Suicidal Person Wisely

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If someone trusts you enough to reach out for help, or you pick up on something that concerns you and makes you wonder if another person has intentions of suicide, what do you do next?  It feels like a great weight of responsibility and it is.  We use a simple acrostic when training churches on how to engage those with suicidal intentions … Read More

No Harm Contract

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In formal counseling , no-harm contracts can be helpful tools. This is a sample document that you can use. Help them develop a specific plan to reach out if they are feeling overwhelmed with despair. If someone will not agree not to harm themselves or doesn’t seem in the right frame of mind to make this promise, call 911 and … Read More

Suicide Safety Plan

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When working with a suicidal person, you can help them assess the risks in their life and take steps to avoid them. In our resource center is a safety check-list that many professional counselors use to assess the risk level.   If you’re interested in reading more, look into A P.L.A.N. to Engage a Suicidal Person Wisely. This resource is … Read More

SUICIDE: Ways to Prevent It

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peace despite suicide

Suicide. It’s nearly impossible to understand, but there are ways to help prevent it. NOTE: Always dial 911 immediately if you suspect someone has attempted suicide! Prevention strategies don’t always work. Someone whose determined to die sometimes is “successful” and dies. It’s sad, tragic.  I talked to a parent whose teen is struggling. Her 15-year-old friend killed himself after several … Read More

SUICIDE: Why Suicide?

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why suicide

Suicide is. . . “a sense of hopelessness or inescapability, combined with a pattern of poor coping, a limited tolerance, and a flight from help coalesce in some manner to form suicidal intent.” – Jeffery S. Black That’s a dry definition of a loss that rips out the heart of loved ones left behind, isn’t it? Sometimes dry is all family … Read More