5 Mistakes We Make When Going Through Difficult Times

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This article by Pastor Michael Wallenmeyer appeared first here on his blog and is used with permission.  Pastor Wallenmeyer’s church recently went through the BCC Launch program to train members of his congregation in biblical counseling. What if instead of trying to quickly getting through the trial that may be experiencing we stopped and considered that God is trying to do something … Read More

Cancer: “My Diagnosis Led to Worship of God”

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Cancer: A cancer diagnosis surprised BCC counselor Donna Hart, PhD. Her first question was, “What in this do You want me to learn?” The Lord’s answer: worship. Donna’s article appeared first here on her website and is used with permission. Donna also adds an update below to her cancer diagnosis. To all who prayed for her, thank you. –LAM I was … Read More

TRIALS: God’s Blessings in Disguise

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Trials get your attention. They can draw you toward toward Christ, or you may choose to runaway. What’s your usual response when a trial comes your way? This article by Lucy Ann Moll, an ACBC-certified counselor and a doctoral student, first appeared here on her website. It used used by permission. Who likes trials? Only masochists, right? Yet in Jesus … Read More

Gratefulness: Choosing Gratitude Every Day

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Gratefulness. Wouldn’t you like to become grateful. . .today and every day? Ponder this thought inspired by a TED talk. . . . . .Is today just another day? No, it’s not just another day. It’s the only today you will ever have. It’s a gift. What will you do with this gift? This gift of today. The only appropriate response is … Read More