Pornography! 5 Solutions If Your Child Gets Hooked

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Pornography is rampant. Children see it at earlier and earlier ages. Satan can use an “accidental find” to hook a child into a lifelong addiction. So how do we respond as a parent? Here are 5 steps to constructive solutions to the problem. 1. Listen Listen before passing judgment or reacting in anger or disappointment (Proverbs 18:13). Don’t jump to conclusions! Listen … Read More

Is Christian Marriage in Chaos?

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We know Christian marriage is under attack. When your own Christian marriage feels like chaos, you hurt deeply. You may wonder if you and your spouse are destined for continual disagreement and dissatisfaction. Is there a path forward, together? Your path forward is a plan on where and how to lead your home. Download the 5 S Leadership Assignment on God’s plan for the … Read More

Free Download Friday!

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free Download Friday

It’s free download Friday! Please stop by every Friday and get your free download. Our download library has hundreds! Marriage, parenting, fear, depression, priorities, sanctification — you name it. 🙂 Do you want to understand your identity in Christ? Used by counselors at Biblical Counseling Center, this download reinforces counselee’s biblical identity in Christ and gives hope. It is the fifth … Read More

Free Download Friday

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free Download Friday

Friends, welcome to our Free Download Friday! We make these resources available to biblical counselors, ministry leaders, and to counselees (former, current, or future) for your good and God’s glory. Today’s download is our Change Model Diagram. Click here to download the “Change Model Diagram”. It visually shows you how a person with a problem — in other words, everyone — … Read More

Caring Like Christ, Part 2

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Caring Like Christ

Welcome to Caring Like Christ, an introduction to biblical counseling. In this session, we focus on biblical shepherding. For those of you in Biblical Counseling Center’s online Facebook event, watch for a special download just for you on the event page on Friday. If you haven’t signed up for our FB event — it’s free — and would like to … Read More

Welcome to Caring Like Christ

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Caring Like Christ

Welcome to Caring Like Christ! This five-part mini-series covers Biblical Counseling Basics. Video-driven, this series is a taste of what could happen in your life and your church through the Counsel of the Word. We hope you’ll want to know even more! Biblical Counseling belongs in the church, don’t you agree? For nearly 2,000 years, Christians have comforted, encouraged, and … Read More

Basics Every Counselor Needs

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counseling for women

Every counselor — every Christian! — needs the basics on how to come alongside the hurting. While most women are nurturers by nature, wives of pastors, seminarians, and ministry leaders are often led to the role of counselor. This is what happened to Sherry Allchin, whose husband founded Biblical Counseling Center in 1989, a nonprofit counseling center strong in the … Read More