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Today’s guest blogger is Lynn Mosher — who writes inspirational devotions to encourage hearts and uplift souls at her website and at many other sites including The Mom Initiative — discovers the power of Jesus’ name. In counseling, as hurting folks learn who Jesus truly is, the deeper their healing. –Ed.
Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name?
When I looked up the meaning of my name, I found varying version of the origin: pond, waterfall, pool, lake, ruddy-complexioned, dwells by the torrent. But mine, or yours, can never compare to the name of Jesus. What do we know about Him? Wouldn’t you like to know the meaning of His name and its power?

In His Name…

Demons bow, evil flees.
Our covenant with God was cut.
Our hunger and thirst are quenched.
The Word goes to work and miracles happen.
The universe was created and all held together.
Our names are written in the Lamb’s book of Life.
The gospel is preached, doors are opened and shut.
The lame walk, the blind see, the deaf have their ears opened.
The sick are healed, the dead arise, mighty storms are calmed.
Help is summoned, temptations are averted, captives are set free.
We have an intimate relationship and our loneliness turns to fellowship.
Marriages are healed, minds are set free, forgiveness of our sins is given.
Which of these power truths touch your heart?

In His Name, We…

live by faith.
take our delight.
offer our prayers to the Father.
have the anointing of the Spirit.
receive His power and authority.
receive salvation and newness of life.
find compassion and grace in time of need.
have a companion, hiding place, strong tower.
were chosen, made holy, righteous, and sanctified.
fight our battles, are made royal heirs, sit at the King’s table.
know and are set free by the Truth, know the Way, know the Father.

How has knowing the power of His Name changed your life?



is Love
is Emmanuel, the Messiah.
offers “healing in His wings.”
supplies joy for our mourning.
lives within us and walks with us.
gives beauty to replace our ashes.
has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.
replaces our failing spirit with a garment of praise.
meets our needs, secures our safety, rebukes the enemy.
guides our footsteps, anchors our soul, rewards our obedience.
was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities.

What is your response the power truth of Jesus’ care for you? 



Joy is our strength.
Grace is our sufficiency.
Presence is brought near.
Peace replaces our stress.
Light dispels our darkness.
Strength replaces our weaknss.
Favor, grace, and mercy pursue us.
Yoke is easy and His burden is light.
Spirit intercedes for us in our prayers in accordance with God’s will.

Which of these power truths comfort you?  


Through and in Him, We Are…

refined and molded in His likeness.
led to still waters and green pastures.
given a banquet table in the midst of our enemies.
made whole, given revelation, preserved, blessed.
delivered from evil, cleansed, comforted in our sorrows and trials.
rewarded, restored, purified, and sanctified, upheld from stumbling, instructed in the ways of life.
Aren’t you sensing Jesus’ power and love for you?

He Is Our…

Joy, hope, rest, sufficiency.
Mighty Warrior, Shepherd.
Father, Brother, Best Friend.
Sacrifice, Mediator, Advocate.
Life abundantly on earth, life everlasting.
Eternal and never-changing love of the Father.
Example of giving, sharing, caring, compassion.
Helper, Teacher, Example, Shield, armor of God.
Encourager, Comforter, Counselor, Sustainer, Provider.
Roadside marker, footprints to follow, a final destination.
Fountain of Life, streams of Living Water in our desert places.
Foundation, our refuge, our Rock, our home, our dwelling place.
Heavenly Bridegroom, Kinsman Redeemer, Counselor, an eternal home.
Sure hand of guidance, a Vine of Life, wisdom, understanding and discernment.
Final sacrifice, our Ark in the flood-have our sanctuary, our victory, a teacher, our Treasure.
Deliverer, Captain, Commander in Chief, Leader, Governor, blessed and only Ruler, Lawgiver.

He Is the…

Master of our soul.
Bright Morning Star.
Gift of God, the Holy One.
Head of the body, the church.
Amen, Prophet, Passover Lamb.
Author and Finisher of our faith.
Firstborn of the dead and many brothers.
Apostle and High Priest of our profession.
Bread of Life, Living Bread, Living Water.
Rock, the Living Stone, Chief Cornerstone.
Dayspring, Elect of God, Heir of all things.
Root of David and Jesse, Branch of the Lord.
Alpha and Omega, Life, Door, Lamb of God.
Lion of Judah, Righteous Judge, King of the Jews.
Image of the invisible God, Brightness of His glory.
Light of the heavenly city, True Light, Faithful Witness.

Jesus is the…
Great I AM
Word of God
Everlasting God
Savior of the world
King of kings
Lord of lords
Prince of Peace!

LynnMosher-round-2Yeah, He’s the One! That’s the Name that does and says it all! The Name above every name!
So, what did I leave out?
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