Rate Your Marriage – Practical Change Assignment – Download

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Click HERE to download the practical change assignment for rating your marriage.

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4 Comments on “Rate Your Marriage – Practical Change Assignment – Download”

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  3. Hello, I recently got married in “Reno” on May 19th, this year. My now husband has never been married nor does he have any children. This marriage is my 2nd and I have a daughter and 2 grandchildren.
    My problem is we have not consummated our marriage. I am highly concerned that he has a physical problem or he is gay. I have talked about our “connecting” ever since we have been married. He makes excuses or avoids the topic. Before we were married he talked about how great our sex lives would be.
    I feel like 1) he lied to me 2) I feel cheated
    I am ready to get this marriage annulled

    1. Hi Dana,

      You describe a difficult and heart-breaking situation. May we suggest that you and your husband speak to your pastor or to a biblical counselor or another trusted Christian friend who’s spiritually mature? Also, you two might consider making an appointment with a medical doctor to rule out organic causes. There are many possible underlying reasons. Meanwhile you are confused and feel rejected, right? Let us know how it works out. And if you want to receive marriage counseling from us either in person (in IL and IN), or by Skype, please let us know.

      Grace and peace to you.

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