Remembering MLK at 50

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Wise Counsel from MLK

Consider these powerful words from Martin Luther King (MLK) on the 50th anniversary of his death. At Biblical Counseling Center, we pause to remember and commend to you the wise counsel found in these words. 

“At times we may feel that we do not need God, but on the day when the storms of disappointment rage, the winds of disaster blow, and the tidal waves of grief beat against our lives, if we do not have a deep and patient faith, our emotional lives will be ripped to shreds.

“There is so much frustration in the world because we have relied on gods rather than God. We have genuflected before the god of science only to find that it has given us the atomic bomb, producing fears and anxieties that science can never mitigate.

“Also, we have worshiped the god of pleasure only to discover that thrills play out and sensations are short-lived. We have bowed before the god of money only to learn that there are such things as love and friendship that money cannot buy and that in a world of possible depressions, stock market crashes, and bad business investments, money is a rather uncertain deity.

“These transitory gods are not able to save us or bring happiness to the human heart. Only God is able. It is faith in him that we must rediscover. With this faith we can transform bleak and desolate valleys into sunlit paths of joy and bring new light into the dark caverns of pessimism.” (Strength to Love, p. 51)

What does this have to do with Biblical Counseling?

Many would not naturally equate Biblical Counseling with Civil Rights or Racial Reconciliation. However, MLK could have wrote this yesterday and it would be just as true of our society today. The human condition is helplessly lost because it perverts God’s design in the pursuit of self.

Only God is able to resurrect a heart that is dead. This is why the gospel is important to all of life and must be the center of the counseling we do at Biblical Counseling Center.

50 years later, we pause to remember and reflect on the message of MLK and how he pointed those who listened to the need for faith and trust in God. That is really good biblical counseling!

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