Story: Atheist Finds Jesus

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A counselee's story
Former atheist Don Vos was scared, lonely, and depressed and then he found Jesus.
This mini-autobiography is part of our ongoing series “A Counselee’s Story.” They’re shared by folks we’ve counseled at Biblical Counseling Center. Here’s Don.
When I first walked into Biblical Counseling Center’s office, I was scared, lonely, depressed and looking for answers. I had just decided to give up my old life, which was littered with all kinds of sin and destruction. I was desperately searching for God after five years as a professing atheist, and He called out to me to come back to Him and give up the life I was leading.


Jesus Christ chose me, the broken person I was, to change. I knew I couldn’t change on my own. I desperately needed help. Christ used my counselor at BCC to make the difference in my life now.


I had the basis for Christianity taught to me as a child, but my knowledge of the Bible and God’s grace was very limited. My counselor instructed me how to go to God’s Word for answers in my life. Instead of acting on my emotions, he taught me to follow the Word. He guided me with scriptural principles and answered the many questions I had, and still have!

It has been a few years since that day I walked into BCC’s office, and I have been blessed in so many different areas. I’ve worked at Ministry Sync, a Christian-based company where I did web design. I have also started up a freelance career in web design. God has shown me His awesome power with the mission work I’ve done in Kentucky and Honduras.

I owe an eternal debt to my counselor and Biblical Counseling Center. I know that he would gladly have done all he did for me no matter who I was or how little money I had. I thank God for bringing BCC into my life and for blessing my counselor with his gift of biblical counseling.

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