3 Premarital Pitfalls for Engaged Couples

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Engaged couples (and their loved ones), please pay attention for the common premarital pitfalls. Address them before you marry. This article by biblical counselor Eliza Jane Huie appeared first here on The Biblical Counseling Coalition and is used by permission. As a marriage counselor, I have seen my share of troubled marriages. While each marital crisis is unique, one thing … Read More

Marriage: God’s Good Idea?

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Is marriage a good idea? God’s idea? Or outdated? Many who think about marriage and family wonder if the idea came from the jungle story, “Me Tarzan, you Jane; come with me to live in my tree house.” Others may think about “The Flintstones” and imagine a man and a woman from a communal group in a cave deciding to … Read More

Our 28 Most Popular Workshops

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most popular workshops

Our popular workshops reveal the heartbeat of Biblical Counseling Center: “Helping Churches Care for People.” Yes, our trained, experienced, certified biblical counselors come alongside hurting couples, men, women, teens, and children. Yes, the Counselor speaks compassionate truth to them, changing their hearts, changing their lives. Yes, chances are your pastor and leaders at your church are able to Counsel the … Read More

Appreciate Your Spouse — Free Download

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Click here to download the Appreciate Your Spouse worksheet. This free download is a tool to help you and your spouse and strengthen your marriage. Sometimes a worksheet just isn’t enough . . . when marriage becomes crazy-hard, please consider getting help. Jesus wants to RESTORE your marriage so husbands love wives, and wives respect husbands, for God’s glory. Biblical … Read More

Newlyweds Need Help

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Newlyweds need help and lots of it. Couples spend nearly 30 grand, on average, on their Big Day! And June is one of the two most popular month for weddings. Stats were from the WSJ. The focus seems askew. The music, Scripture readings, bridesmaids’ dress color, flowers, food, photography, invitations, programs – these are carefully considered and decided. Yet most … Read More