Our 28 Most Popular Workshops

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most popular workshops

Our popular workshops reveal the heartbeat of Biblical Counseling Center: “Helping Churches Care for People.”

Yes, our trained, experienced, certified biblical counselors come alongside hurting couples, men, women, teens, and children.

Yes, the Counselor speaks compassionate truth to them, changing their hearts, changing their lives.

Yes, chances are your pastor and leaders at your church are able to Counsel the Word (a phrase for biblical counseling). But what about you? Galatians 6:1 says all brothers and sisters in Christ must counsel one another.

To help churches care for people, Biblical Counseling Center presents workshops all year-long. We have 28 popular workshops. The marriage workshops are top favorites along with parenting and learning how to counsel.

These workshops may be grouped and presented as a half-day, all-day, or weekend training sessions.

Please contact us with your questions and comments. Thank you. To God be the Glory.


Here’s the popular worshops’ list.

1. Counseling: Understanding the 3 Types of Counselees

2. Counseling: Who Is Responsible to Counsel?

3. Counseling: The Power and Sufficiency of Scripture

4. Counseling: The Power of Saying “I Care”

5. Crisis: Suicide

6. Crisis: Terminal Illness

7. Help for: Anger

8. Help for: Anxiety

9. Help for: Balance

10. Help for: Lust

11. Help for: Major Life Change

12. Help for: Making Decisions

13. Help for: Peer Pressure

14. Help for: Building Hope over Addictions

15. Marriage: The Christian Family

16. Marriage: The Excellent Wife

17. Marriage: The Godly Husband

18. Parenting: Teens

19. Parenting: The Godly Grandparent

20. Parenting: Truths Children Need Before 18

21. Sexuality: Biblical Principles of Sex

22. Sexuality: Pornography

23. Sexuality: Promiscuity

24. Sexuality: Purity

25. Sexuality: Same-Sex Attraction

26. The Church: Appreciating the Older Crowd

27. The Church: Handling Conflict Biblically

28. The Church: Counseling as a Way of Christian Life

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