How to Unroot Bitterness

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uprooting bitterness plant

To unroot bitterness, the first step is understanding what bitterness is. Editor’s note: This article, written by guest blogger and biblical counselor Julie Ganschow, the founder of Reigning Heart Counseling Center, first appeared at her website. Understanding the Heart of Bitterness Bitterness is unresolved, unforgiven anger and resentment. It is the result of anger changing from an experience to a belief. Bitterness … Read More

Why “Luck” Is Dumb!

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Biblical Counselor Julie Ganschow is director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center in Kansas City, MO, and writes at This article first appeared on her blog. I was recently with my dad in Las Vegas. Even though I know that the city is built on gambling and games of chance, I was still struck by the thousands of people filling casinos playing … Read More

Free Download Friday!

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free Download Friday

It’s free download Friday! Please stop by every Friday and get your free download. Our download library has hundreds! Marriage, parenting, fear, depression, priorities, sanctification — you name it. 🙂 Do you want to understand your identity in Christ? Used by counselors at Biblical Counseling Center, this download reinforces counselee’s biblical identity in Christ and gives hope. It is the fifth … Read More

Your Next Best Step

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Caring Like Christ

As our Caring Like Christ mini-course winds down, what’s your next best step? Before we go there, let’s step here: quick links to all the mini-course training videos: Welcome, Biblical Shepherding, Reaching the Heart, Sanctification Understood, and Deciding to Get Involved. What Is God Saying? This mini-course is slice of our 24-session Foundations in Biblical Counseling training course. Foundations covers biblical … Read More

Control Your Thought Life!

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thought life

How’s your thought life? Did you know what you think about greatly influences your feelings and your actions? To feel right and act right, then pay attention to your thought life. When you control your thought life, you’ll not only feel and act like the Christian that God wants you to be, you’ll please your Father.  Thought Life and Truth … Read More

Bitterness: Turn It into Better-ness!

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You can learn how to kill bitterness.  You can exchange bitterness for “betterness,” says biblical counselor and teacher Sherry Allchin, M.A. Chances are you know the look of bitterness. It … sours your face, may raise your blood pressure, and contribute to other unwelcome physical ailments. wards off friends, coworkers, even family when you let it out. eats you up … Read More

Marriage as Ice Cream Sundae!

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Marriage as an ice cream sundae? Yes, an ice cream sundae is an apt metaphor for building a delicious marriage. Snag the download here. To build a delicious marriage, you begin with a bowl. With this “spiritual” foundation, the other great stuff of marriage piles on top–first the social and intellectual aspects as you build a friendship and then the emotional … Read More

God Calls YOU to Counsel

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God Calls You to Counsel

God call you to counsel other Christians. Did you know this? Does it surprise you or scare you? You may think, it’s best to heed the old saying: Don’t stick your nose in others’ business. In most circumstances and relationships, these are wise words to follow. After all, the private part of our lives needs to remain. . .respectfully private. … Read More