Pursuing Wisdom in an Age of Foolishness

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Pursuing wisdom in an age of foolishness! It feels like we are living in crazy times and we don’t know what to do about it. However, fallen creation has always lived in crazy times; it is the human condition. Without wisdom, we have always floundered as humans. Always, without exception! Since creation, wisdom continues to call out to us and we have … Read More

Bullying: A Deadly Poison in Marriage

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Bullying in marriage is never God’s desire. Bullied spouses learn to be quiet, say “I’m sorry,” and try harder. Find out what to do if you’re married to a bully in this post by guest writer Karen Gaul, whose article appeared first here on The Biblical Counseling Coalition website. It is used with permission. (IMPORTANT: If you are in physical danger … Read More

Living by the Word

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living by the Word

Loving God and living by the Word are inseparable! In this post by Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, which first appeared here on her personal website, she shows us why and how to live by the Word. One of the things we called to do by the Lord, as an expression of our love for Him, is to internalize His Word. … Read More