112 Hours Is a Precious Gift

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Pretty much everyone I counsel gets 112 hours a week.

Some run companies with their 112, some go to school, some work on cars and others play video games. Many have no idea what they do with their 112 hours.

When working with those in crisis, we are working to help them examine their hearts and lives so that they learn to better glorify God with their time. It will take time for them to work through change. They need to learn to manage their time.

Some men need to invest more in their marriage and family, it takes time. Some young people struggle with sexual temptation, it happens at a time. And some women struggle with idle chatter, it is a waste of time. All people struggle with living by the way they feel, it takes time to make choices to live by faith.

Time Management Tool

A simple tool we use at BCC is called “Priorities and Planning.” Some use it and find out they must cut back. Others use it and find out they are not accomplishing all they could. Others find imbalances at work, social or idle time.

Time is one of the precious commodities that we all have from God. Learn how to manage it well.

Biblical Counseling Center provides counseling, training, and church partnership. We also have free downloads of many of the same homework assignment we use with counselees. Check them out.

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