Thank You for Your Faithfulness!

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As 2015 comes to a close, we want thank your for your faithfulness and share hope-filled highlights of the work made possible by friends like you.

As a result of your faithful support and prayers, we’ve seen:

Marriages restored.

Families transformed.

Lives renewed.

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Three of our many highlights of 2015: We opened a new counseling office in Schaumburg, IL, Pastor Danilo Rodriquez helped us finish filming our Spanish biblical counseling Certificate Program, and Tim Allchin spearheaded the completion of a Marriage & Family Counseling course.

Says Tim Allchin: “During this time of new beginnings, our mission won’t change. We counsel, we train, we help, we care.” To continue this life-changing work, we’re asking our faithful friends to help more people like Susan and her teenage daughter. This counselee is experiencing a new beginning of her own.

Listen to Susan’s story

Susan is a counselee of Donna Hart, PhD, one of BCC’s biblical counselors who shares her story with her permission.

Susan came into my office crying uncontrollably. She said she had been crying for months and does not know how to process and grieve the loss of her daughter. At first I thought her daughter had died. I questioned more deeply to discover that her daughter came home from her first semester of college to tell her mom that she had been struggling with same sex attraction for a very long time. Her daughter was tired of battling her feelings, and it felt so right to her to accept who she is as a lesbian.

Susan’s instant response was to become very angry. She told her daughter how wrong her thinking was, how she had been raised in a Christian home, and “Christians don’t think that way.” Needless to say the conversation did not end well and Susan has not spoken with her daughter in months.

Susan came to understand that like all sin, homosexuality at the level of the heart’s desire does not relent easily or quickly. It is put to death over time. Change is always possible through progressive sanctification. “Such were some of you” (1 Cor. 6:11) is an important reminder that there is hope and answers to homosexual desire.

The way of change is familiar and consists of two themes working together: the knowledge of ourselves and the knowledge of God. I helped Susan work through her grief, rest in God, and come to a place where she has a new outlook and can minister to her daughter seeking opportunities to speak into her life. She is consistently trusting in the Lord as she works to reach out to her daughter in a spirit of love and a willingness to listen. She has learned listening is a good place to start because after all, how can you bring truth to a person unless you know them well?

Dr. Ron and the Team

Thank you for remaining hopeful and supporting us as together we meet the challenges of a hurting world. Our counselors meet with troubled people over Skype throughout the world and at our four greater Chicago locations. We’ve provided training to many hundreds of students and churches at our online school, now headed by Sherry Allchin, our online school director.

We’ve added staff: Carol Wright at our Northwest Indiana office. Don Hart, Brandon Lowery, and Lucy Ann Moll continue to counsel in greater Chicago while Dr. Ron and Sherry Allchin do their work for BCC from Charleston, South Carolina, focusing on training. Kristen Lezza has joined the team too. Her primary roles are answering our phones, handling callers questions, and maintaining our financial records.

Dr. Ron Allchin, DMin, is planning several international training trips in 2016 to spread biblical counseling and the gospel. It encourages our hearts to know that that we don’t stand alone in this battle for the hearts of God’s people.

A Request

Will you prayerfully consider making one last financial gift for 2015?

We need $15,000 by December 31 for our “special projects.” These special funds include producing our PLAN for Hurting Teens counseling training, filming our Marriage Restoration Ministry training, and upgrading our video editing system and live sound recording equipment.

We need $10,000 each month for “everyday priorities.” These include providing counseling to pastors and their wives, funding an international trip for Dr. Ron Allchin to teach essential counseling skills to pastors and their wives, and covering counseling for people we will never turn away (who cannot afford their counseling fees).

We want to finish 2015 strong and position Biblical Counseling Center to achieve maximum impact in helping people and churches in 2016. What you give today will determine how much we can make a difference in the people’s lives.

Won’t you help us in our new beginnings? Thank you!

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All donations are tax-deductible.

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