2 New Offices! We’re Expanding!

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TWO NEW OFFICES: Yes, we’re expanding from four Chicagoland locations to SIX!

Two new offices means more opportunity to counsel hurting people, share the gospel, and make connections at churches and in the communities. And — get this — we’re getting a great financial deal on the space!

The office space in both locations has been kindly donated to BCC. And so we’re praising God’s faithfulness to BCC!

Now we just need to furnish the empty offices, and this is where you come in. Would you consider making a donation designated to furnish the two new offices? Small and big donations are welcome!

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Where Are the 2 New Offices?

Cornfest, DeKalb IL

One new office is in DeKalb, IL, in north-central Illinois, near the Northern Illinois University campus. This office is an extention of our DuPage County office in the western suburbs. The other new office is in Porter Country, IN, and is an extention of our current Northwest Indiana office in Schererville, IN.

Our goal is to open in January. We’ll have a few days of counseling at each of the new locations.

Start-Up Costs for the 2 New Offices

Altogether we need $2,500. Here’s the breakdown per office: $750 for a loveseat, chairs, and end tables. Plus, $100 for a desk, $150 for lighting, and $200 for a printer.

And a few wall decorations are $50. No, we didn’t enter the art auction for Leonardo DaVinci’s newly discovered painting of Jesus!

offices 2

Gazebo, Hobart IN

Join Us in Helping the Hurting!

BCC helps the hurting and churches too. We help churches care for their people by equipping them to do the work of discipling and counseling for its people, by its people based solely on the sufficiency of Scripture.

BCC counsels individuals, families, and couples at fees far lower than those of secular therapists. We also offer discounts to folks with limited resources. And we never turn away anyone unable to pay.

So join us in helping the hurting at our two locations in DeKalb County, IL and Porter County, IN. And kindly consider a tax-deductible donation for our start-up costs. Thank you!

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