3 Valuable Lessons from a Mistake

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When we make a mistake, God gives us lessons to learn. Here are a few of mine. This article by Lucy Ann Moll, DMin candidate, ACBC, appeared first here and is used with permission.

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My mistake began as many bad things do. . .with no warning.

I had skipped my gym workout. So to appease my guilt, I decided to stretch gently for a few minutes then complete 25 full sit-ups. Bad mistake. You see, very soon I’d injure myself. And after my physical injury, emotional pain would hit me upside the head.

As my pain worsened — physical and emotional — I learned 3 lessons I’ll share in just a moment.

Have you made a mistake too? What’s a lesson you learned?

My Sit-Up Mistake

Now back to my sit-up story.

On that day which I’d love to erase from the calender, I tucked my feet under the couch, laid on my back, and rolled all the way up. (Seriously, friends, do NOT perform sit-ups this way. Too late I learned this truth from Bob and Brad, popular YouTube physical therapists. Check out this video of 15 exercises to never do.)

On my eighth full sit-up, something in my back felt weird. But I pressed on and completed two more sit-ups, far short of my goal. I rubbed my back and called it a day — and didn’t think much of my situps

  until the next morning

when I awoke to an intense clenching in the muscles in my lower back and numbness in my legs. I elbowed my snoozing husband.


“Steve, something’s wrong. I need your help. Steve, wake up.”

I worried. (Yes, I know worrying is a sin.) Yes, pain had gotten my attention.

More Problems Hit


As I rested and was pampered by my family who cooked and laundered and swept, I found out that a close family member needed daily injections. Nothing life threatening, but just another thing to handle.

Time passed. My back injury lingered. And my emotional pain intensified. Dare I admit, I asked “Why me?”

I remember thinking and praying,

God, the doctor said I should be better in four to eight weeks. I’m not. Walking and standing hurts, and my legs and feet feel bubble-wrapped, and now a family member is hurting. Help us.

Then, health difficulties slammed two more family members and I prayed again.

And again.

More intensely.



You may have heard this quote by C.S. Lewis:

God whispers to us in our pleasures. He speaks to us in our conscience, but He shouts to us in our pain. It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.

God was rousing me.

3 Quick Lessons for Hope in God

You and I each have dealt with mistakes of all sorts–physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. Until we see Jesus face to face, more pain will come. Sometimes a drizzle, sometimes a thunder and lightning and darkness.

As I’ve pondered these things and sought God’s counsel, I learned many lessons. Here are three quick lessons that fostered hope.

  1. God wants to meet with us. In other words, he wants us to talk with him and listen to him, prayerfully. Psalm 10 is great example. Prayer is a lot like waltzing. He leads, we follow.

2. God blessus his children. Ephesians 1:3 underlines the truth that we who love Jesus have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. Every means every.

3. God is in control. Whatever happens, God knows what He is doing, for his glory and our good. It’s unimportant we understand it all. God does. Isn’t this really what matters?

So what’s the bottom line? I believe God is good and sovereign and all-wise. He remains true when I falter. And so I hope in him. Even when I’ve made a mistake. Even when pain comes.

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