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Biblical counseling for marriage and families — this is the topic of our live-stream, online course that begins this Monday, November 10.

If you have a heart for helping struggling marriages and families, then you’ll want to join us. The registration page is here. You need to register to participate.

(Psst: To the left, you see a recent Allchin family photo. Can you find Dr. Ron Allchin in less than 10 seconds?)


Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min., likes to tell a funny story of a married couple who came to him for counseling and learned God’s view of . . .sex.

To provide a memorable word picture, Dr. Allchin climbed atop his desk in his counseling office and said to the startled couple — really, who expects their counselor to stand on his desk and imitate God? — “God is cheering when you are having sex.” Then Dr. Allchin smiled wide and let out a series of “yes’s” like an excited football coach encouraging a team.

Years later, when the couple and Dr. Allchin crossed paths, they said they’ve never forgotten the time he stood on his desk and cheered. The once-struggling couple is now happily married.

During the Monday classes, you’ll get to “meet” Dr. Allchin — whether you live in Toledo, Tallahassee, or Tahiti — from the comfort of your home. The live-stream classes are online at 7:30 to 9:30 Central (8:30 to 10:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Pacific) on Mondays. If you miss a class, you can view the playback. Get more details here.

In addition to viewing the live-stream, you get access to our online biblical counseling school.

What Are the Marriage and Family Topics?

Among the marriage and parenting topics are:

God’s design for marriage, husband’s and wife’s marital roles, sexual intimacy, financial unity, unequally yoked marriages.

And balanced parenting, parenting difficult teens, ministering to step families, guiding single parents.

As well as divorce and remarriage, divorce recovery, effective premarital counseling, and counsel for single adults.

Another Sneak Preview

See our first sneak preview of our new course.

Here’s another preview of what you’ll learn on God’s ordained roles for husbands and wives.

What does the Bible teach regarding the role of the wife in marriage?

A wife should be her husband’s best friend and lover as well as his chief confidant, supporter, advocate, adviser, and playmate.

She should be available to spend quality time with him and put him first over the children, in-laws, friends, her career, and ministry in the church. She should say and do things that build him up instead of tearing him down, both in private and in public conversations.

What about sharing unnecessary information with others? Ah, no.

Makeup? Sure. Nice dress. Yep.

Sexual intimacy? Sex is a gift from God for married couples … enjoy.

What does the Bible teach regarding the role of the husband in a marriage?

A husband is to love his wife, “as Christ also loved the Church.” (Eph. 5:25-33)

Christ’s love endures and is communicated in words and actions. It is tender and compassionate, selfless and gracious.

A husband is to lead his wife toward Christ-likeness in a godly manner. He needs to serve and not be selfish, gentle and not domineering. He needs to learn about his wife in order to love and lead her as Christ would. (1 Peter 3:7) He must be loyal to her too. (Gen. 2:24; Mal. 2:14-16; Matt. 29:5; Eph. 5:31;
Titus 3:2,12)

What does the Bible teach regarding submission in a marriage?

Submission is frequently misunderstood.
It does not mean a wife should give into her husband’s unbiblical demands.
It does not prevent a wife from humbly sharing her opinion, giving advice, or disagreeing with her husband.

It does not mean that a wife should never confront her husband’s sin.

It does not mean the wife is a “doormat.”

So What is Biblical Submission?

We encourage you to find out this Monday.

Questions? Please read the details about our new course Biblical Counseling for Marriage and Family or contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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