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Friends, Dr. Ron Allchin, D. Min., shares his heart and this thoughts on God’s faithfulness to Biblical Counseling Center over the past 25 years! Read part 1 of this interview here
Dr. Allchin extends to you an invition to our 25th Anniversary Celebration Banquet. Near the end of this post you’ll see a link to get your complimentary tickets. The more, the merrier as we enjoy this milestone and look forward to our next 25 years of helping churches care for people through counseling, training, and resources, including his Proverbs bible study, a gift to anyone who supports BCC.


Q: Dr. Ron Allchin, we hear your role at BCC may expand to other countries in the coming year. Could you tell us how this shift helps BCC?


Dr. Allchin: The mission of BCC is to equip churches through counseling training, resources, and counseling. Many of the churches in third world countries can afford to pay to have us come and teach counseling, but their people could never afford counseling services unless they received them as a part of the ministry of the church. That is where BCC fits in.

I and other BCC staff travel to these countries and teach in seminaries, Bible colleges and churches so that the people the students touch will have counsel from truth that sets them free. The Word of God transcends culture, and it doesn’t matter the country or the language. The Word becomes the powerful tool in their healing.

Q: Please share a recent story in your travels showing God’s continued faithfulness to you and to BCC?


Dr. Allchin: I have traveled more than 20,000 miles over the summer — once in July to Ethiopia to teach there for two weeks at Evangelical Theological College and another in September to Cuba to teach at a seminary in Jatibonicao.


ron allchin ethopia soccer

Young men in Ethiopia with the Allchins.

God was faithful in His provision of finances for the trip. He was faithful in giving good health even though the water and food may not have been fresh. He was faithful in giving wisdom in teaching the students. He was faithful in producing fruit in the lives of students, some of whom personally needed the truths and principles that were being taught. He was faithful in returning me to my wife, family, and ministries after many miles of travel.


Q: What was a highlight of your most recent trip to Cuba?


Dr. Allchin: One of the most exciting experiences for me is to look out at the students’ faces and see the light bulbs of spiritual truth get turned on in their hearts and minds.


Q: Dr. Ron Allchin, what would you say to folks who are considering supporting BCC with their prayers and their finances?


Dr. Allchin: We are aware that there are many who pray for the ministries of BCC every day. They are praying for both the counselor and the counselee to be led and empowered by the Spirit to accomplish God’s will in their lives, and we are thankful.


ron allchin india

Ron and Sherry visit India, where they trained students in biblical counseling.

The financial needs of this ministry are also great. Half of the budget must be raised through gifts from God’s people. We are not a private practice, and fees for services could never cover the cost of the people who come and cannot pay. BCC does not charge pastors and their families for counseling. International teaching that could never continue with out the generous gifts of God’s people.

Q: If someone reading this now wants to donate to BCC’s work, what the best way to do this?


Dr. Allchin: We are thankful for monetary gifts of any amount for God uses them to further His work through BCC. People can go to this secure link and make a donation. Or they can mail a check to our Arlington Heights, IL, office. The address is Biblical Counseling Center, 3233 N Arlington Heights Road, Suite 302, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.


Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?


Dr. Allchin: We cannot do it without God’s guidance and power. We can not do it without you, our faithful friends and partners. Thanks to God and to you for 25 years of faithfulness to the ministry of BCC.

To anyone who makes a donation of any amount, Dr. Allchin would like to send you his Proverbs bible study, Growing in Wisdom, available in paperback, Kindlle, and PDF formats. Click this link now, make a donation, and get Dr. Ron Allchin’s book on Proverbs.

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