Peace to You at Christmastime!

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Blessings of peace to you from all of us at Biblical Counseling Center!
We look back on 2017 with gratefulness for all the ways God brought peace and restoration to many people. God also renewed our purpose as a biblical counseling training center.

This Year’s Highlights

 This year we shared God’s peace as we…

  • mobilized a team to rebuild our biblical training site in Cuba. Located on the east coast of the island, the wood church was completely destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. Now a new block structure stands in its place and can withstand high winds.
  • came alongside churches and helped them LAUNCH counseling ministries in California, New York, Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Idaho, Minnesota, and Wisconsin!
  • held the first Annual Chicago Biblical Counseling Training Conference! On April 28 we host our 2nd annual Chicago Biblical Counseling Training Conference!
  • began online training with several ministry staff from Pacific Garden Mission, the largest center that cares for homeless individuals in Chicago.
  • committed to train for four weeks in India and added a new partnership in Costa Rica as God provides in 2018.

Invest in BCC

Many of you are among our supporters, and BCC thanks you! Your investment has helped us minister to the hurting in the United States and overseas. And your continued prayers have helped us restore our purpose as a Biblical Counseling Training Center.
To finish strong, we need the financial support of our friends.
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Merry Christmas and a Peace-Filled Happy New Year!
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