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A PODCAST FOR YOU: Our very own Dr Timothy Allchin, D.Min. spoke on the Biblical Counseling Coalitions’s podcast on Saturday.

The Coalition names the podcast “15:14” after Romans 15:14 and spotlights leaders in biblical counseling.

I myself am convinced, my brothers and sisters, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with knowledge and competent to instruct one another.

In this podcast, Tim shares how God has worked through Biblical Counseling Center to accomplish several things:

1. Help and train local churches to help the people in their church through various resources.
2. Provide one-to-one biblical counseling to individuals and couples at our center in the Chicago area and by Skype.
3. Offer biblical counseling training through the center’s online school. Currently, we have five courses. You can see them here, beginning with Foundations of Biblical Counseling. Also course highly valued by students is Portraits of Biblical Counseling–videos of actual counseling sessions. (Foundations and Portraits fulfill part of the requirements of ACBC certification.)
4. Launching the program LAUNCH! This program, which was part of Tim’s doctorate, equips churches to begin their own biblical counseling center. The programs goes step by step through the LAUNCH process, providing expertises, tools, and personalized training for leaders.

Getting His Doctorate!

doctorateTim received his doctorate of ministry in May. He juggled family needs and ministry concerns — and took a two year break in the middle of his doctoral pursuit.

In his blog post on achieving his doctorate dream, Tim writes,

Some roads to a doctorate are smooth and easy, other roads are paved with more potholes and hardship. I thought earning the Doctor of Ministry would be the former, but it turned out to more of the latter – and I am okay with that. The goal in a doctoral program is to finish, and last weekend, I was able to spend a wonderful weekend with family celebrating my graduation after seven years.

It is significant to me that I got to celebrate with family because you don’t really do a doctorate alone. My wife held down the fort when I would go away for class a week at a time. My kids moved their school work to the Wheaton College Library so I could study. Even my dad weighed in on my writing projects with helpful additions and critiques, and my mom spent dozens of hours serving as my project editor.

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