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Anxiety Series: Fear, Worry, Anxiety, and Faith

Anxiety wastes away our productivity.  Perhaps this is why Jesus reminded us not be anxious about tomorrow.  It easier said than done!  The powerful thing about anxiety is that it reveals to us a vivid picture of what we love, protect, and value.  This is why Jesus wanted us to evaluate our fear, worry and anxiety so that He could demonstrate His power to meet our deepest needs.

The articles in this series are extremely practical because everyone struggles with some level of anxiety. We have chosen to cover this topic from many different angles, because each person's experience with anxiety is very different.  Over the years, BCC has spent a great deal of time working through these issues, and we pray that the articles below will be a blessing to you.  We also want to remind you that our counselors are ready to work with you, either in our Chicago area offices or via online video counseling anywhere in the world.

All articles from the series:

How Jesus Addressed Fear, Worry, and Anxiety

Our world is more anxious than ever. This article shares some of the key passages on anxiety from the Bible and includes 4 principles that Jesus taught about anxiety. Each principle also provides an action step to take in helping us...

By Dr. Tim Allchin

“Help me, Counselor! I’m Scared to Death!”

How do you answer a friend who is persistently fearful? Can you help them grow and make progress? In this article, Sherry Allchin walks through a biblical counseling process to examine fear in a wise way. Whether you are struggling...

By Sherry Allchin

Why I Wrote “HELP! I Get Panic Attacks”

Panic Attacks are terrifying! What should you do if you or your loved one is experiencing a panic attack? Lucy Ann Moll, a BCC counselor, recently wrote a short book about this topic. In this post, she shares a few of her suggestions...

By Dr. Lucy Ann Moll

Chaotic Anxiety and God’s Promises

In our anxiety, we often feel all alone. However, God promises that He is acting even when the chaos in us and around us makes it hard to see what God is up to. Three promises of God are particularly helpful when in the midst of our...

By MicKenzie Crowley

How I Found God Faithful in Battling My Anxiety

In this testimony, Carol Wright details how God has brought her through some severe and debilitating struggles with anxiety. She writes about how her anxious dread “kept me from being punctual in appointments and deadlines. It kept me...

By BCC Staff

Should Christians Use Anti-Anxiety Medication?

One of the more common questions we get asked when helping those with fear, worry, and anxiety is whether they should use anti-anxiety medication. At BCC, we often counsel those who have already been prescribed by a medical doctor and it...

By Dr. Tim Allchin

Anxiety and the Fear of Man

This is an honest testimony of a struggle with the fear of man. If we fear others more than we fear God, anxiety and worry can rule our lives. However, God is faithful and can always be trusted to guide us....

By BCC Staff

Troubling Trauma and Anxiety

For those who experience anxiety, their story often includes elements of trauma. As we look into trauma and anxiety, we can find Biblical answers and help. God doesn’t intend for our pain to define us and we can make progress with...

By Krista Bjork
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